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Page history last edited by Tom Groves 11 years, 3 months ago

ProtoFubarnii Adverbs

ProtoFubarnii Nouns 

ProtoFubarnii Compounds 

ProtoFubarnii Adjectives

Possession in ProtoFubarnii

ProtoFubarnii Determiners 

ProtoFubarnii Pronouns

ProtoFubarnii Gerundive Particle

List of ProtoFubarnii Affixes

ProtoFubarnii Questions

ProtoFubarnii Phonetics


ProtoFubarnii Dictionary

ProtoFubarnii Affixes

ProtoFubarnii Spare Word List


I'm currently planning to have PF be verb-initial, because it simplifies matters enormously to not have completely free word order! The arguments of a verb (subject, object, etc) can currently come in any order.


Need to decide on verb and noun classes. For example, the class of a verb defines its arguments and theta-roles (causatives, perception, etc).

          ProtoFubarnii Verbs

Want a variety of historical, non-productive rules for morphological derivations (like sing-sang-sung, or the plural "-en" form used for "oxen" and "children").

Word order can carry topic/focus information (old information/new information) even when it doesn't convey theta information.

Some adjectives/nouns/prepositions have two arguments to assign theta-roles to.


Define an ontology of theta-roles, to help specify verb classes (agent, experiencer, cause, instrument, etc)

High-level verb classes should include active, eventive and stative (almost certainly).

Verbs of speech and thought typically have to be made a Complementiser phrase - "he said that he fell". See ProtoFubarnii Verbs


Languages with a rich agreement morphology facilitate relatively free word order without leading to increased ambiguity. Thus ProtoFubarnii should have LOTS of agreement, with Modern Fubarnii possibly having less. - Given up on this, it was making there be entirely too much crud attached to each verb. Making it verb-first wordorder is simpler.




ProtoFubarnii Enarii Translation 

Different versions of the Babel Text and an attempt to translate them into PF.

ProtoFubarnii Quote Translation




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